Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hair show...Doggie Baths...Easter...Randi's hair...graduation!!

Wow! Too much has gone on since I last blogged! Our hair show was awesome! Amazing! So much energy and so exciting. No one knew what to expect, some people thought we'd be on stage cutting hair but it was more of a fashion show that was themed to broadway musicals. Our segment was "ANNIE" so here I am (the real Annie with Cami, our stage Annie) Something strange posessed us to give all three dogs a bath at once but it turned out to be great fun! Here's a fresh and clean Tevi, Sophie, and Kalu!

Easter was fun, we went to get me a dress the night before and ended up getting some new sun glasses too (which Dylan left in Boise yesterday).

Announcing the beautiful new Randi Oswald!! Durring a very emotional appointment, we CHOPPED Randi's hair off! It was tons of fun, a few tears but ultimately amazing! Mr. Oswald loves his new "girlfriend" as he calls her. We added more blonde for a fun spring look!

And FINALLY I am DONE with hair school!! (One year, 2,000 hours, and $10,000 later) I took my written state test last monday and I passed (don't know my percent yet) and I took my practical exam yesterday in Boise. LONG day! Me and Dylan drove there in the morning, took the test at 1:00 and we drove back home that day! So stressful but I'm so glad its all over at last! I am now working at Generations Salon in the Chantilly Professional Plaza off of Sunnyside. I am assisting the owner 2 days a week and taking clients the rest of the time. I'm so excited and it will be so rewarding to spend 4o plus hours a week somewhere and come home with something to show for it. Call me for an appointment!! Here I am with Stacey on my 2,000th hour getting ready to go home!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need to blog more...I went to a hair show in Bosie last weekend, pictures to come but more recently we've been working on our own hair show/ fashion show extravaganza! My hair school, Austin Kade Academy is putting on its first annual hair show. This year's theme is broadway musicals and my group's segment is "Annie"! All the procedes are benefitting the Haven House, a local shelter for families in need so come support! The show is Tuesday April 7 at 7:00pm at the Civic auditorium and tickets are $10. (remember-it's a good cause and we've worked so hard to make it amazing!!) What to expect (from my group at least) amazing hair, runway style fashion show, the good old musicals with a modern and chic twist.

ALSO! My amazing sister-in-law played around with some of our wedding pictures she took and came up with some awesome stuff! We have a picture of the Idaho Falls Temple in our house that was her inspiration for this one and it is like identical!

Go Tiff!!