Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Well I can't believe Dylan and I have been married a whole year! We did it! And we love each other more now than ever and more every day. Dylan is the best husband and friend and would do anything for me and I am so lucky to have him as my eternal companion.

For our anniversary I suprised him with a trip to Las Vegas. He had no idea, it was great! I didn't tell him until we got to the airport (I drove him there blindfolded). He was so suprised! We saw Phantom of the Opera, it was incredible! We also went to the Body Worlds exibit (sorry no pictures alowed) it was a little disturbing but really cool and interesting. We ate lots of great food and did some shopping and had a blast!

On the bus "The Deuce"

M&M World

The Strip

In The Phantom Theater

Getting ready for Phantom!

Mexico- OLE!

Jerry and April took us to Mexico for Thanksgiving and it was a blast! I think the pictures say it all! (Sorry not at all in order)

Pulmonia ride (scary little golf cart taxi)

Last day in the sun :(

The whole gang!

Megan and Makoy :)

Me getting ripped off (for less)

angry boy

Getting ready to parasail!

take off

By the pool

My amazing view from my chair


more pulmonias

my friend Sebastian

Megan, Andy, Makoy


The Coopers

My very favorite part of the market...

Our treats :)
Dylan's chili covered mango and he bought me a flower from a little girl on the street

Makoy loves the poop on a stick does Dylan

This restaurant lets you write your name but the only place left was on the fan

Uncle Dylan and Makoy