Monday, April 26, 2010

Annabelle's Excellent adventure!

I went on an incredible road trip with Caitlyn and her mom and dad! We drove ALL THE WAY TO TEXAS! This was my only road trip of this magnitude and lets just say, it is probably my last! (27 hours later) We arrived and we had so much fun, they showed me all over San Antonio and we shopped till we DROPPED! I was sad to be away from Dylan for a whole week, but what can I say, absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Here we are in IF, bright eyed and bushy tailed! Ready to hit the road!

Here we are in Moab, another first for Annabelle

This is the Montecello, Utah Temple around 2:30 AM

My wimpy stretch of the drive, I only drove less than two hours :) I never claimed to be a road warrior

My trusty co-pilot! (Not so much! She fell asleep 20 minutes into the drive!) Ha ha, love you Caitlyn! She was the real trooper and drove through the night! 2:30 AM- 6:30 AM

This part of the drive gives a lot of false hope. At this point, we still had 8+ hours to go!

Hooray Texas! Here I am with Caitlyn's sister Madelaine and GOGO- Cait's mama

Very cute boutique- Bless Your Heart

The Alamo was TINY!
Big surprise to me

Here we are on the beautiful river walk in downtown San Antonio

All in all this was indeed, an INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE! And I had so much fun, thanks so much Sanchez family!


A Wyoming Easter

We went to see my mom in Rocksprings for Easter and had a blast coloring eggs, frosting cookies, and eating great food! While we were there it was my little cousin Evyn's third birthday. She was quite the cute birthday diva!

Here she is getting a manicure

This is me and Erin with Evyn's brother, Dalton

Stacey's Baby Shower!

I had a shower at my house a few weeks ago for my good friend, Stacey Cardon who is due next week! Here she is (on the left) with my other good friend, Randi Oswald who also just had a baby girl. I had a blast throwing this shower and can't wait for this baby to be here!

Here is the quilt I made her...not going to lie, I'm very proud of myself!

Dog Days

We watched Dylan's sister- Autumn's dogs and their house while they were in Mexico. It was a blast with all four of them! The little grey one is Fergie Ferg and the giant sized German Shepard is Ranger.

Best Friends!