Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation on the face of the sun!

Well we just got back from Phoenix, Arizona a couple weeks ago. We went down to help Dylan's brother Andy move some of his furniture into his new house and to do some painting. It was 109 degrees!!! And it was only May 15th! We sweated our guts out but it was good to be out of the cold and rain of Idaho in the spring. We went to the Phoenix Zoo which was a ton of fun, even in the heat. Makoy loved the baboon, and the baboon loved him back
Sweaty baby and Uncle Dylan

The giraffes!
Hopefully next summer we'll be taking another similar trip to move ourselves down there for medical school!
Poor Sophie was so hot while we were there with all her thick black hair but she found ways to keep cool...she learned to drink out of a water bottle. What fun! The drive was really long for her but she kept hydrated and had fun with Makoy.

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