Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Overdue! We've moved!

So we finally moved out of our little apartment and upgraded to a new place just around the corner from our old one. Its a duplex (I've heard it called duplex, twin home, and town home- all I know is its like a house with a siamese twin). We're so excited and Sophie is finally a legal resident and is thrilled to have a yard. What's funny is we were debating between two places and one factor in choosing this one is we thought we would still be in the same ward..think again. Its just two blocks away from our apartment and we're in a different ward! Weird. But thats ok, change is fun and our new ward has been really awesome so far. Here are a few pictures..

Our half

Part of the living room

Sophie in her yard!

Our last day with our primary class :(

So we were also able to find a new car!!! I'm so excited, the newest car I had ever driven before the wreck was the 1997 Toyota Camry that got totalled. This is our wonderful 2004 Honda Accord! Hoorah!

Sophie in flight!!
So we took Sophie for a big adventure the other day. We flew to Rexburg and took her on her first flight! She was terrified and didn't like it at all so she had to ride home afterwards in the car with Dylan's mom. But it was a fun experience! (for us)


  1. oh your new house looks like so much fun! and your new car is so cute! sorry about your wreck.. who is flying you guys in the airplane that looks like so much fun!

  2. Annie!! I am so proud of you for finally putting new things on your blog!! yay!! ha. We really need to get together soon!! You look so happy and it also looks like you've had a very fun summer!!