Saturday, January 16, 2010

A GIGANTIC Christmas!

Christmas this year was extra fun in our new place and all the dogs! This is our first Chistmas with Sophie and Kia and we were watching our brother and sister in law's GREAT DANE for the whole month! Her name is Sunny and we had so much fun with her and we were so sad to see her go back home to Phoenix. But I will admit, 3 dogs was a little crazy in our little house! It's good to have things back to normal, 2 dogs, no tree, and no mall!

Here's Dylan playing tug with Sunny- she's giant sized!

Us with our stockings Christmas morning

Our niece Arlie in all her new princess shwag

Our nephew Deacon with his GIGANTIC bear

Kia with her GIGANTIC bone!

Oh Christmas tree...with a GIGANTIC dog!

Makoy and his pound puppy
Makoy at our New Year's Eve bowling partay

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