Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring at last??? This one is for Kate :) I'm finally blogging again!

So I've had some serious spring fever with the way the weather has been teasing us. Fifty and sunny one day and blowing, cold, and gloomy the next! So here is my ode to the winter as an attempt to see it go away!

Here is Dylan and Tony in their prized snow cave. They built it with Caitlyn's brother-in-law who came from Texas for some snow adventures. This baby took the better part of 3 days but it was truly a marvel! It could fit three big guys and our two dogs with ease! They even slept in it like boy scouts

We ventured to Utah for Jordan and Rachel Nelson's wedding and had a great weekend away! While we were there we had the chance to go to Music and the Spoken Word at Temple Square and to the church history museum. I love these opportunities, it seems like no matter how many times you go, it always strengthens your testimony.

The happy couple!

The newly remodeled Tabernacle
We had another fun adventure to Park City for a ski weekend with my family. We stayed in an amazing cabin that had a ski ball machine that was a blast! On the way to the cabin we saw the only bar in Heber Utah called the SPICY LADY. So naturally my family stopped and bought two pink hats from the bar and two black ones which became the prizes for our ski ball tournament! And go figure, Dylan and Jordan (Erin's boyfriend) were the SPICIEST LADIES!
Here they are with their winners hats!

And just for fun, here's Erin and me on our crazy drive to Jackson..

And finally, Dylan and I pulled our wedding cake out of the freezer! We forgot on our anniversary because we were in Las Vegas so we decided to have it for Valentine's instead. It looks a little sad but it still tasted great!

So on that note, hurry up spring!

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